Drive more. Earn more.

Get continuous cargo that meets the demands of your fleet.

Drive more

Tai+ makes trucking simple and management decisions data-based:

  • access and book loads at the press of the button
  • reverse logistics ensures trucks are full in all journeys
  • data analytics helps business owners to make the best decisions for their business.

Earn more conveniently

Truckers have access to all available loads, therefore:

  • they can find and accept loads that meet their needs and wants
  • they accept the loads with a single tap
  • there are no brokers, no haggling, no hassle
  • the pricing is transparent, by accepting the load, you lock in the rate
  • invoicing process starts immediately a successful delivery is confirmed

Get what you see…

Tai+ promotes trust and transparency:

  • see all cargo features before choosing to take the load
  • share feedback to improve the carrier-shipper experience
  • improve performance through use of your carrier scorecard data

Customer support

Our customer service teams are available around the clock to help you on the road.