Cargo owners.

Carrier management.

Get reliable transporters anytime, anywhere, and according to your cargo specifications.

Carrier Management

Tai+ manages all your shipments on one smart and convenient platform.

  • Locates the available trucks across the platform without any requirement to make multiple phone calls and monitor your shipment at every mile.
  • Connects you with the most suitable fleet operator at any given point of time depending on your source, destination, material to be shipped.
  • Provides data analytics that helps you to make the best decisions for the business.

Tai+ Benefits

Tai+ makes every shipment an opportunity to deliver peace of mind.

  • Access our network of drivers at critical capacity moments. We deliver value to the carriers so that you remain their first choice.
  • Cargo owners get reliable transporters anytime, anywhere, and according to their requirements.
  • Benefit from hawk-eye watch on your shipments with real-time GPS tracking — no more dependency on the phone for visibility.
  • Data analytics provides unique insights and trends based on your shipments. Access all the data you need to save money and become a shipper of choice.

Customer support

Our customer service teams are available around the clock to help you on the road.